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Student Athletes

The recruiting process can be one of the most stressful periods in a student athlete's career.

Due to the uncertainty of what to do, where to go, who to talk to, and overall comprehension of this constantly evolving process, we’ve developed a solution. With our 16 heavily researched, tested, and patented algorithms, we can give you up-to-date progress reports on your progress as a student athlete, which level you are eligible to play, and where you are deficient and can improve on your game. We'll pass all of that information to the many college coaches and scouts who use our services to find talent.

On top of being able to get reports on your athletic progress, seeing where you rank amongst your peers, and getting recruited, you will automatically become eligible for our camps, combines, all American events, showcases, and challenges coming in the 2020 off season!

How Status1 Serves

College Coaches

Finding athletes should be a breeze, but differentiating an athlete's true ability from their highlight tapes and opinions of people close to them is hard.

Our 16 patented algorithms are designed to quantitatively analyze physical attributes, on field production, and academic performance, along with a number of other subset data to give the entire scope of the athlete.


Our Patented


In the summer of 2015 Status1 set out to achieve a goal: to help provide a different avenue from high school to the next level.

Thus, the 16 Algorithmic equations that deliver hundreds of potential reading outcomes, was born. Four years of data collection, analysis, and practice became that exact solution. No longer will your school, 7 on 7 team, head coach, or money matter. The playing field has been leveled, now join the revolution.




Our algorithm is the future of recruitment. Request a coaches' demo today.

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