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"This app is a game changer, not only are you giving kids opportunities, but you’re adding a recruiting coordinator and scout into every coaches pocket. On top of that it’s scary accurate."

Craig Wilkins, Seattle Seahawks 2013

Old Dominion University (LB 2009-2012) | Old Dominion University Graduate Assistant 2015-2017

Torry McTyer, Miami Dophins
College: UNLV | Position: Cornerback
"I think it can change the game of recruiting tremendously. Every year we get players who are constantly overlooked and aren't ranked as high because they're not considered a prototype for their position. Rather it's them being too small, or not fast enough. With this program it should give coaches a better sense of direction to those under the radar players who are not only statistically good but doing it in a way that is being unnoticed a fair shot."
Matthew Mendoza, College Football Recruiting Staff Member
College: University of Oregon
"Being a former recruiter for the University of Oregon, I quickly realized that there is much more to a player than the amount of stars next to their name. A complete player is somebody who embodies the sport, has the intangibles and is able to fully execute with those intangibles. Standard recruiting sites provided little insight into players and solely focused on stats. Marcus Mariota, Heisman Winner, had two scholarships. He was a state champion. He is a student of the game, something recruiting sites got completely wrong. Oregon valued that package. With STATUS1, recruiting is finally welcomed into the analytical era and provides top to bottom evaluation with reporting that is unbiased and unmatched. Recruiting is much more than stars and twitter chatter. It’s time players and programs realize that.”
Chandler Jones, Grad Assistant 2017-Present
College: San Jose State | Position: WR 2010-2013
"Can get rid of all the coaches that have a say in recruiting based off their name as a coach, and allows for smaller name guys who are balling to get some shine. That’s great stuff!"
Chase Rettig, Ex Greenbay Packers / San Diego Chargers
College: Boston College | Position: Quarterback
“I would want to be the first coach to have this at my disposal. It’s a real no brainer. There is no real methodology behind college recruiting. It’s all who knows who, and a whole lot of luck. This will change the landscape of college football, and will improve the quality of the game from college all the way through to the professional ranks.”
JJ Denman, Buffalo Bills
College: Rutgers University | Position: Offensive Tackle
“STATUS1 uses Data Analytics technology and techniques that are enabling teams to make the best and more informed decisions when going through the recruiting process. This is a can't-miss opportunity and will re-write the current formula in college football recruiting processes around the country.”



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